Specialized manufacturer of miniature and ultra-miniature SDI Ethernet signal integrated slip ring

2023-08-20 20:17 JINPAT Electronics

Slip rings are components that enable the360° rotational transmission of both energy and signals. They are categorizedinto various types based on differences in their appearance and functions. Due to the diverse practices of engineers in different fields, slip rings have been assigned various names, one of which is the "confluence ring."Typically, confluence rings are multi-functional or multi-module integrated slip rings, commonly combining features like power-signal integration,signal-power fluid-gas integration, power-signal optical fiber integration,power-signal and high-frequency integration, among others. As an industry pioneer, JINPAT possesses robust technological capabilities in the development of multi-functional integrated slip rings.

The choice of product structure is greatly influenced by the different functions of confluence rings. For instance,confluence rings that need to transmit high power require a carbon-brush structure. If fiber optics, fluids, or other electrical signal modules are integrated, the product's size will increase significantly. However, there is substantial demand for miniature confluence rings in various microelectromechanical fields. Yet, in these applications, the transmission through confluence rings is typically of weak electrical signals, and there are strict limitations on the size and weight of the components like slip rings.


Within JINPAT product development, the capsule slip rings have the broadest application range. This series is divided into three categories based on diameter differences: the LPC medium-sized series,the LPM miniature series, and the LPMS ultra-miniature series. Due to their extensive use, the standard and customized models of the capsule products farexceed the total output of other types of slip rings. Leveraging the capsule productsas a foundation, JINPAT has developed precision integrated confluence rings with multiple models. Nevertheless, due to the reduction in slip ring size,these integrated rings might have relatively fewer functions.

For instance, LPMS-08D-0401-E2 is the smallest Ethernet signal integrated slip ring developed by JINPAT(φ5.5mm×13.5mm, weighing less than 10g). This might be the smallest Ethernetsignal confluence ring on the market with such a diameter. LPMS-08D products can also be upgraded to support 1-channel USB 2.0 and 1-channel 100M Ethernetsignal. In ultra-miniature confluence rings, SDI signals are also commonly used. These confluence rings can be installed in optical systems of small military and police equipment for signal and power transmission. Among the confluence rings developed by JINPAT, products based on LPMS-12U(φ6.5mm×17.4mm) are the most representative in the ultra-miniature category.Typical products include LPS-12U-0202-05S-SD1, LPMS-12U-0901-SD1,LPMS-12U-HD01-08S, and others.