JINPAT: Specialized Manufacturer of Low-Power Podded Electric Propulsion Slip Rings

2023-08-12 16:35 JINPAT Electronics

With an ongoing pursuit of energy efficiency, various types of vessels are increasingly adopting electric propulsion systems to reduce energy consumption. In line with this trend, the application of low-power podded electric propulsion systems as the primary propulsion system is growing. In these podded electric propulsion systems, slip rings are indispensable core components. As a renowned slip ring manufacturer, JINPAThas consistently achieved an industry-leading position in the research of slip rings for podded electric propulsion systems. The rise of electric propulsion technology has brought tremendous market opportunities to JINPAT.

Compared to small electrical equipment in other industries, even low-power podded electric propulsion systems used for inland waterway shipping typically start with power ratings in the hundreds of kilowatts. These propulsion systems are primarily suitable for small-tonnage core shipping vessels. To meet the needs of these inland waterway vessels, JINPAT has developed a specialized 200KW series of slip ring products. This series comprises two categories: an ultra-compact type represented by the product LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-05L and a standard carbon-brush integrated slip ring type represented by the product LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-06L. The main functional difference between these two products lies in the number of pneumatic and hydraulic channels.


Among them, LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-05L represents the ultra-compact high-protection slip ring for podded propulsion systems. Even without considering the height of the PG joint, the overall height of this product is merely 1117mm, with the stator body dimensions of 340mm x 320mm. Notably, this slip ring is not only compact in size but also achieves an IP65 protection rating. In contrast, the protection rating of LPA000-06200-0618-44S-01A-06L is IP54. Despite the lower protection rating of this slip ring, JINPA engineering design team, backed by their exceptional technical expertise, has successfully tackled this challenge and realized a comprehensive design that meets the requirements of compactness, multiple channels, high protection, and high-power transmission.

In addition to addressing slip rings for small-power podded propulsion systems, JINPAT has a wealth of product development experience in the field of slip rings for propulsion systems with power ratings below 5MW. Currently, JINPAT has successfully developed various models of slip rings with single-channel currents of 1000A, 2000A, and 4000A for customers, with rated voltages of 690V, 1000V, and 3300V, respectively.Similar to the 200KW-level slip rings, these slip rings also consist of pneumatic and hydraulic modules, ultra-high-power modules, and regular electrical signal modules. These three modules operate independently and are designed with a high degree of physical isolation to ensure that high currents during operation do not interfere with electrical signals.

In conclusion, JINPAT, as a professional slip ring manufacturer, possesses remarkable research and innovation capabilities in the field of slip rings for low-power podded electric propulsion systems. As electric propulsion technology continues to advance, the company offers high-quality, high-performance slip ring products, contributing to the more efficient and sustainable development of the maritime industry.