slip rings for simulation equipment in the aerospace medical field

2023-04-22 23:53 JINPAT Electronics

As a component that can rotate 360 degrees and transmit signals, sliprings are widely used in various industrial electromechanical equipment andhigh-end consumer electronic products, representing cutting-edge humantechnology. In the aerospace field, there are also many devices that requirethe support of slip rings. The most common of these are automated machinery andindustrial robots in the manufacturing process of various aircraft components,as well as in some aerospace engine testing and product operation simulationequipment.

In addition to a large number of high-precision and advancedequipment, there is another crucial factor in the aerospace field, which ispilots and astronauts. In order to ensure their physical health, aerospaceengineers have invented various medical simulation equipment, many of whichalso integrate slip rings. As an internationally renowned slip ringmanufacturer, JINPAT has developed many product cases for electromechanicalequipment in the aerospace field and also has the ability to providespecialized slip rings for medical simulation equipment in this field.


For example, take the manned rotation platform used for aviationmedical training. Its structure is similar to that of many three-axis testplatforms, except that it needs to support the weight of the pilot, so itsvolume is much larger than that of the three-axis platform used to test someelectromechanical equipment. In terms of the use of slip rings, the productused in this manned three-axis platform is relatively simpler than that used intesting platforms. This platform only needs to transmit the trainee's healthinformation such as heartbeat and electrocardiogram, and at most one group ofswitch signals is added to ensure that the platform can be stopped by the pilotin case of emergency during pilot training.

JINPAT has developed many specialized custom slip rings for thistype of multi-axis platform, including a unique technology that JINPAT was thefirst to develop among industry manufacturers: the use of multiple slip ringsintegrated with Ethernet in series, which can ensure an extremely low signalloss rate even after multiple Ethernet integrations. While the functionsintegrated into the manned rotation platform used for aviation medical trainingare relatively simple, it is also practical to use slip rings integrated withEthernet signals to transmit the signals generated by the payload axis system,because the monitoring terminals for this type of equipment are moderncomputers.