LPC-125 Standard and Custom Slip Rings

2023-04-22 21:54 JINPAT Electronics

As the slip ring model with the highestnumber of channels in the JINPAT capsule slip ring family, the LPC-125 serieshas a much smaller application range than those with fewer channels, resultingin a relatively low annual output. However, due to its large number ofchannels, it has become an indispensable slip ring in certain electromechanicalequipment. This 125-channel capsule slip ring is a product innovated by JINPATbased on market demand. Due to its large number of channels, it adopts athree-bearing structure design. This series of products has been granted autility model patent, with the authorization number of ZL 20152020689.54.


The LPC-125 standard product has 125current channels, with each channel supporting a 2A current and some simplesignal transmission. It is widely used in the field of automated machinery,with the most typical application case being the lithium liquid automaticinfusion machine and similar multi-station automated machinery. As a standardslip ring with an excellent structure, there are also many custom productsusing the LPC-125 core shaft mold, including power signal integrated types andspecial function custom types. The latest custom model of this series of sliprings is LPC-125-0625-IP66, which is an ultra-high protection grade deepstructure improved product. In terms of electrical and mechanical performance,it uses a 6-core cable, with each core transmitting a current of 25A, adesigned voltage of 380V, and a life span greater than 5 million rpm.

The latest signal power custom productbased on LPC-125 is LPC-125-0305-09E3, which is not equipped with many powerrings, only 3 channels with a 5A current and a working voltage of 220VAC.However, its highlight is the integration of 9 channels of gigabit Ethernetsignal channels, making it the slip ring with the most integrated gigabitEthernet signal channels currently offered by JINPAT. Prior to the release ofthis slip ring, the product with the most integrated gigabit Ethernet signal channelshad only 6 channels. Compared with the previous ultra-high protection gradeproduct, this 9-channel gigabit Ethernet signal-integrated product still has anIP40 protection grade as a standard product. As it is used in indooradvertising screens, a high protection grade is not required.

JINPAT recently updated the capsule slipring series, including LPC-125. Prior to the update, the LPC-125 series sliprings only had one model, the A-type, but after the update, the number ofmodels increased to five. According to the new naming rules, the four standardslip ring models are LPC-125, LPC-125YB, LPC-125YD, LPC-125YU, and LPC-125YZ.These models have the same size of φ54×200±0.8mm, with different suffixesindicating different flange positions. The flange of the YB suffix is on therotor side, the flange of the YD suffix is on the stator side, and the YUsuffix has no flange.