JINPAT Slip Rings for PTZ Camera

2022-11-21 23:39 JINPAT Electronics

Pan-tilt-zoom cameras are applied in surveillance systems that can capture detailed information and events in the scene. Generally speaking, this process is obtained through the cooperation of one master camera that watches over a wider range of area and send positional information to the slave camera to further capture details. In such type of application, slip rings are installed to enable the camera head to move while transmitting the signal between the two camera as well as back to the processing center.

The PTZ camera are very compact design application. JINPAT Electronics as a professional slip ring manufacturer provides slip ring solutions for it.

To be able to fit in such limiting installation space, JINPAT bases the solutions on capsule slip ring or miniature slip ring. JINPAT mini-size slip rings are super small in size and light in weight, therefore they won’t be a burden to the surveillance system. To ensure reliable transmission of video signal while maintaining a high efficiency transmission, JINPAT make a custom slip ring solution that transmit HD-SDI signals. There are other general channels for power and electrical signals. Upon request, clients can order a custom solution with RF rotary joint that can transmit RF signals up to 3GHz. JINPAT slip rings for pan tilt zoom camera also feature super low torque, and therefore maintain a lasting and stable rotation. Meanwhile, the custom slip ring has a very low insertion loss and return loss, obtaining an exceptional great data transmission performance. JINPAT’s slip ring products go through many life span tests and are proven endurable. They free the client’s concern of frequency maintenance and replacement.

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