JINPAT Photoelectric Pod Slip Ring

The photoelectric pod slip ring developed by Jinpat is suitable for outdoor environment in high-cold environment (-55°C~+70°C, altitude 21336 meters and above, protection grade IP65), and meets the military's largest standard for slip rings.

The technical advantages of the slip ring: the high-frequency rotary joint adopts the non-contact type of the through hole, the rotation torque is small; the loss is low; the service life is long. And the multi-channel power supply, the differential signal, the network signal, the high-definition video, the optical fiber signal, the slip ring body can be simultaneously transmitted. The housing is made of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistant material. The aeronautical connectors are used at both ends of the slip ring to ensure reliable contact and moisture-proof. The internal split-type anti-vibration structure is adopted. A total of 5 rotary joints are integrated (135 rings in total), which are verified by customers to meet the requirements of vibration, shock and EMC electromagnetic compatibility.

Our slip rings use state-of-the-art mold making technology to ensure high precision, ensuring reliable transmission without losing data packets. Its lightweight shape also helps to reduce the weight of the pod. At the same time, our technicians multiply the functions of certain components to make the slip ring compact. Product transmission has a high rate but low loss of coaxial components. In this way, it can use multiple detectors for electro-optical pods.


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