JINPAT Participated in 2016 Beijing International Wind Energy Exhibition

2017/9/14 16:00:48

Beijing International Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition opened in China International Exhibition Center from Oct.19 to 21, 2016. JINPAT participated in this great fair and exhibited our leading products such as LPW Series which are applied to wind turbine. Just recently JINPAT has developed some new slip rings for wind power, and some clients have shown great interest in our picture books and video products, It also attracted potential customers. JINPAT has always spared no effort to develop slip rings for different industrial applications.

This exhibition not only enhances JINPAT brand strength, but also lays solid foundation in the field of wind turbine.Through the three-day exhibition, we get to konw more information about slip rings in wind turbine. Moreover, it shows us the advantages of the slip ring field and successfully attracts some potential customers. 


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