Hydraulic Slip Rings

The design of this type of slip rings is based on hydraulic dynamic techinique ,which can maintain an ultra small gap on radial direction that ensure different media flow fluently high speed of 200rpm and high pressure 400bar seal are achieved.


1. 360 degrees rotating while transferring gas,liquid,etc.

2. Can transfer air,vacuum,hydraulic oil,water,hot water,cooling water,steam,etc.

3. Can custom special joints for high speed,high temp,high pressure.

4. Support 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/16 pneumatic/Hydraulic passages.

5. Standard port:M5,G1/8,G1/4,G3/8,G1/2,G3/4,G1"etc.

6. Tube size can be customized.

Part # Ring # Current(A) Voltage(V AC) Signal Details
LPT046-0430-0415-E2 14 5@30A/4@15A 400V/24V 1@E2
LPT050-0415-0406-04S 14 4@15A 24V 2@RS485/1@cc-link
JP18-074-13HW 14 4@15A 24V 2@RS485/1@cc-link
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