High IP Grade Capsule Slip Rings for Pipe Crawlers

Pipe crawler is a vital inspection device for subsea pipelines, culverts, water pipe, sewer pipe inspections or other inspection tasks. The pipe crawler' working environment is full of high humidity and water vapour even the water, so there needs a high IP grade capsule slip rings for more harsh inspection tasks. Inspectors deploy the pipe crawler with the remotely controlling to transmit the image of pipe inner situation from it. So high IP grade capsule slip rings still play a significant role for stably transmitting the data signal while it rotating in the hostile pipe situation collecting information.

In these cases, our capsule slip rings utilize special high-tech treatment in the aspect of IP Grade. The special IP Grade design of our capsule slip rings is perfectly fit the high-humility and other more hostile environment. And even completely water proof when it is submerged in water. In addition, our high IP grade slip rings still keep normal working even in confined harsh space of narrow and the length up to 400 feet pipe where humans can not arrive. Our IP Grade design can be IP 68 if you need.

Our capsule slip rings custom range is comprehensive from the basic dimension of size, circuit, current, voltage, lead wire to the special designing of IP grade, power and signal transmitting compatible, inner contacting between brush holder and collecting rings and so on. We have the strong capability of supplying versatile capsule slip rings respectively for different industries needing



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