Ethernet Slip Rings

Ethernet slip ring is a rotating assembly used to transfer power, control circuits or data (analog / digital) from stationary inlets to rotating outlets. It can transfer 100M/1000M Ethernet signal ,which is stable , no packet loss, not string of code small ME series(Ethernet/Gigabit slip ring) have been developed to provide reliable products to allow transfer of the 1000M/Gbit/Gigabit Ethernet protocol through a rotating interface. The innovative designs meet the challenge of matching impedance, controlling crosstalk and managing losses.


1. High quality gold-to-gold contacts.

2. Low electrical noise.

3. Compact size.

4. Precision ball bearings.

5. Transfers analog and digital signals.

6. Compatible with a range of data bus protocols.

Part # Ring # 100/1000M
Bore size(mm) OD(mm) Details
LPT025-0530-08E-08E-04S / 1*1000Mbps+1*100Mbps 25.4 86mm
LPT038-02E3 / 2*1000Mbps 38 99mm
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