Bauma China 2010

2017/9/11 16:15:09

Bauma China is Asia’ s largest and most important event for the construction industry. The global engineering machinery giant has gathered in the event to showcase its flagship products and advanced technologies, Those who come to visit the study and business are in short supply. The exhibition is highly internationalized, which can be fully demonstrated by the foreign enterprises and the number of foreigners coming to the exhibition.

As a mechanical accessory, JINPAT slip ring has a wide application in the engineering machinery industry. slip rings are installed to those equipment which need 360 ° rotation transmitting power and signal devices, such as crane, aerial work platform at the center of the rotary device. This exhibition, Sany group of 220 tonnage crane on the center of the rotary device is used in the us for its tailored conductive slip ring, and it fully confirms our powerful R&D strength and our conductive slip ring has a good application prospect in engineering machinery. The central rotating device on the 220-ton car crane shown by Sany Group is a customized conductive slip ring from our company.As a supplier of Sany Group, we have reason to believe that our company has the ability to design and produce high quality conductive slip rings for other companies' automotive cranes and other engineering machinery equipment.

Figure 1. The 220-ton car crane shown by sany group


Figure 2. Our conductive slip ring is installed on the Sany 220 tons truck crane


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